Services - Asset Evaluation

We offer timely, accurate and reliable professional asset valuation services in accordance with global best practice to meet the required everyday market demands.


Technical Evaluation of your Property

Base on client’s request, ADXA Property offers expertise on Technical Evaluation of your property, offices, premises and building. During the orientation phase information about the property is gathered and insight is acquired into the possible weak aspects and deficiencies of the building. The investigation work is determined consultatively depending on the outcome of the orientation.

The Technical Evaluation of the Building tends to be:

  • architectural inspection of the construction (subsidence, crack formation) and general state of the construction;
  • Inspection of the installations; Electrical, Mechanical Etc.
  • inspection and measurements of the strength of the masonry joints;
  • infrared measurements (establishing heat insulation level);
  • Noise measurements
  • Fire risk Assessment

Property Valuations & Appraisals

Our team of surveyors undertakes property valuations and appraisals on a regular basis. This service is important not only for sales but also for mortgage, financial and insurance valuations. We have also noticed that with the old real estate stock it has become of particular importance to understand the cost involved in reinstating a property to ensure there is adequate value.

Main services include:

  • Valuation of Commercial Land and Buildings
  • Valuation of Residential Properties
  • Valuation of Plant & Machinery
  • Valuation of Assets