With more than 20 years’ experience in Construction, Architecture and Real estate, we are the best partners, bringing value to your investment.

Our goal is to deliver unsurpassed market intelligence insights, and use our strengths to help international and local investors make the right decision in their investment journey in Albania.

If you are looking for a country where to maximize investments real property, Albania is a great option.

Albania has a good geographic location as is considered as a strategic place to invest, located in the center of natural crossroads of major corridors in Europe. A long coastline in the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, and it’s a short flight distance from the major European capitals.

 It has a free market access, liberalized economy and trade and an environment with tax benefits to strategic sector investors, attractive incentive scheme and legal framework compliant with EU legislation. All these and much more make it a good option for investing in real property in suburban zones, old towns, historic centers, and rural areas.

If you are in Albania and don’t know how, when, where to invest, ADXA has all the answers. With a great team of professionals in real estate, financial, architectural, engineering advisors for customers with executive-level business leaders in order to deliver consulting services to address client needs. With also an incredible CV of investors in Albania and abroad, that speak success.

Albania has a Rapidly improving infrastructure with huge investments in infrastructure, communication and energy which makes it a great place to invest and have a successful business.

All the knowledges of the real estate market, property management and development ADXA will make Albania the perfect place for you to maximize your investment.

Whether you seek to invest in real estate or market your property, our team is here to prepare a customized plan and suggest a profitable strategy to achieve your desired outcome.